-Jaime Moore


“Bridget is the type of boss who always has your back. She is open to a meeting of the minds and listens when you have something to contribute. She is a decision maker who thinks on her feet, yet remains calm, even in tense situations. Bridget is a strong leader who teaches by example. She doesn’t have you do something she wouldn’t do herself. I learned a great deal from her including how to manage difficult personalities and build a better newscast.

Bridget is a storyteller. She sees the big picture and knows how each piece of the puzzle helps showcase the story she wants to tell. Bridget worked with me multiple times on cold show opens and headlines, my two areas of struggle. She taught me to see bigger than the words, to take a step back and look at it like a masterpiece. Producers are programmed to start with the sentences, but Bridget always had me focus on the goal first, and then break it down into punchy phrases. Her patience and attention to detail always helped me better focus.

Bridget is a mentor of all things. She is calm and collected, even when things are going awry. Bridget taught me the most about managing difficult situations. Even when she couldn’t control things that might be going wrong, she remained in control. For example, when the audio dropped on a live feed, or something went to black, Bridget always had a solution in place before there was a problem. This is essential to surviving in the news world, and in real life. Bridget mentored me as a writer, producer and young person as I navigated my way through career and family.

When I left news, I had no idea what I should do next. Bridget was always supportive in directing me down a writing path. She said she wasn’t sure what I should be doing, but she knew it should involve writing! That really helped me hone in on jobs where the focus was writing and led me to the position I hold today. Bridget is honest and you can count on her to guide you toward success.

Bridget is one of the best leaders I know. I would definitely recommend her style to others seeking to grow and learn. She is sincere in her desire to help others become the best version of themselves, both personally and professionally. When you’re around her, you can’t help but feel positive and nurtured. Bridget is one of a kind, the kind of boss who leaves a mark on your heart for all that she has invested in you.”


– Paul Mueller

“When I first met Bridget Foster, I thought I knew a lot about television news. After all, I graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism and had worked in practically every position within the industry for more than 15 years. When Bridget became my boss, it became abundantly clear I had a lot of learning to do and Bridget would be the one to teach me. Thing is, I knew how to write. It’s one of my specialties, if you will, that people have complimented me on but Bridget helped me take my writing to an entirely different level while at the same time relearning some of the basics. My experience with Bridget, though, turned out to be much more than learning how to be a better writer. We both began our jobs in one newsroom at the same time and she quickly became a leader and I clearly needed direction. It was a perfect match. I didn’t say I liked it right away but I finally realized how her leadership and mentoring would play a pivotal role in my career development. Bridget’s ability to council, mentor, and mediate are just a few of the qualities she possesses. I can tell you with certainty that if it hadn’t been for Bridget in my life, I may not be at the stage of my career that I am at today.”

– Bill Remeika

“Bridget is not self-centered … Her insight into life, jobs, etc. often provide that platform or foundation for you to help grow in your career goals as well as in your life experiences.”







– Marie Dunn Harris

“Out of all the people who I worked with at WTOL, Bridget was one of only a couple of people who I trusted to seek career counseling or advice from. She was easy to talk to and while she gave good advice, she was also up front about what I needed to do to improve to get to where I needed/wanted to be. She was not afraid to tell me things to work on and made me aware of things that I may not have thought about. I took her advice seriously and applied it to things I was working on at the time. While I do not work in the same career field as I did back then, I still apply those same skills in my current position as a writer and social media specialist. When I was first promoted to Executive Producer, I had no direction. It was my first time in a leadership position and taking on this role was a challenge. When new management came in and it was time to change our strategy, Bridget worked with me in setting goals and developing leadership qualities to lead our team. Her constructive criticism helped me learn what I was doing well and what I needed to work on. We had many successes as a morning show team thanks to her guidance. Bridget helped me in dealing with difficult people. This is one of my weaknesses. In my position, it was up to me to supervise a team of 10-15 people. Not everyone was always on board with our strategy or what we needed from them. I would often seek advice from Bridget on how to deal with these situations. She would help me pick apart the situation and what would be best to say or how to deal with it next time. Bridget is very laid back and easy to talk to. Her step-by-step approach and goal setting strategies are what helped shaped my leadership skills.”

-Nadia Schult

Bridget Foster speaks with dynamic power, teaches with engaging authority and leads by example.  I so enjoyed the way she captivated her small but eager audience with her interactive lessons. She engaged directly with us, creating a fun and inviting environment that fostered creativity and openness. Through her lesson, I was taught that there is more to a story, or an object, than meets the eye and I will find it if I just learn how to dig a little deeper.  I learned more about incorporating dazzling descriptive words into my writing in one hour than I have ever before.  I am forever thankful for the time that I got to spend learning from such a dazzling teacher.”