Paul Mueller

“When I first met Bridget Foster, I thought I knew a lot about television news. After all, I graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism and had worked in practically every position within the industry for more than 15 years. When Bridget became my boss, it became abundantly clear I had a lot of learning to do and Bridget would be the one to teach me. Thing is, I knew how to write. It’s one of my specialties, if you will, that people have complimented me on but Bridget helped me take my writing to an entirely different level while at the same time relearning some of the basics. My experience with Bridget, though, turned out to be much more than learning how to be a better writer. We both began our jobs in one newsroom at the same time and she quickly became a leader and I clearly needed direction. It was a perfect match. I didn’t say I liked it right away but I finally realized how her leadership and mentoring would play a pivotal role in my career development. Bridget’s ability to council, mentor, and mediate are just a few of the qualities she possesses. I can tell you with certainty that if it hadn’t been for Bridget in my life, I may not be at the stage of my career that I am at today.”

-Paul Mueller, News Anchor/Reporter