Script Writing

Put my storytelling skills to work for you. Need a promotional video? Do you
have a message you need to relay? I have decades of experience crafting
beautiful scripts, including one for a half a century old sporting event set in
beautiful Jacksonville, Florida.

Seminars Webinars Conferences

I am available to speak at your seminar, webinar, or conference. I will be holding
several of my own coaching events as well. Look for those dates coming up

Specialized Training

Becoming Media Savvy

You’re scratching your head. You just can’t figure out how to make a successful
media strategy for your business. Ever thought about working with a media
professional to help you with the ins and outs of the business? This course will
combine my lectures on pitching stories and successful interviews. I will also
discuss ways to boost your earned media. We’ll talk about press releases that
work and those that don’t. We’ll also talk about media etiquette. There are
things you can do that can discourage media professionals from working with
you. I’ll outline what those are so you avoid the pitfalls.

Pitching Stories To The Media That Get Coverage

You think you have a great story idea. It’s something everyone should know, and
it’s something the media should be clamoring to cover. You have sent the
information to all of the media outlets, but you haven’t heard a peep. If the
story is indeed a good one, something must be to awry with your pitch. I will
analyze your strategy and show you how to stand out in a sea of people with
story idea proposals.

The Art Of The Successful Media Interview:

Your palms are sweating. Your heart is racing. You feel faint. You’re not sick.
You are in full panic mode about an upcoming interview with a media outlet.
This does not have to be your life! Let me teach you how to successfully deliver
your message and ditch the stress. The key is being prepared, and I will show
you how to do that.

Broadcast News Writing That Transforms Newscasts:

Most of the careers in the newsroom require you to be a great writer. If you want to be a reporter, you better work on your writing. If you want to be a producer or associate producer, writing is your life. If you want to thrive in the digital world, you better play a keyboard like an instrument. From lead lines that draw in audiences to tantalizing teases, I can get your team to craft copy that makes your newscast sing. I have done it in other newsrooms. I can do it for yours too!

The Essentials of Broadcast News Producing

Producing is a tough job. You must have a vision and ensure it will be executed.
Producing is not just putting stories in a rundown. You must have impeccable
leadership and people skills. You must be diplomatic. You must be creative. You
must be a great writer. Those are just a few of the characteristics of a good
producer. If you’re looking to get your team to the next level, book me for a
producing seminar. I’m literally writing the book on it!

Moving Past Reporting To Become A Storyteller

Your boss tells you to go to a meeting and cover it. Someone just reporting the
facts will come back with some meeting video, soundbites from the podium and
anyone they pulled to the side after the meeting, a standup, and a story about
what happened at a meeting. A storyteller went to that same meeting and
noticed the mom in the back corner of the room holding a sign. That storyteller
approached this woman and inquired about her sign. It turns out this mother is
against a proposed business moving into the area not for the reasons everyone
else is. She has an autistic son, and the noise from the business she fears will
cause trouble for her child. The storyteller goes home with the woman and
shoots the story there. Suddenly, what happened in the meeting is a vo/sot with
those advocating for the new business, and the package is this woman’s story. In
this course, we’ll go over how to dig deeper to tell memorable stories instead of
covering the surface.

What’s My Brand?

Many small businesses struggle to find their voice. Do you know what yours is?
What is the message you want to send to potential customers? What is your
image? I can help you figure it all out and tell you how to move forward with
spreading the word.