Professional History


  • 20+ years of experience creating award winning, informative, captivating, and quality newscasts.
  • Utilized webcams and Microsoft Office tools to improve how Bay News 9 communicates with crews in the bureaus and at sister stations.
  • Commended for building Fox 59 Morning News ratings by 200% in key demographics.
  • Honored with two Suncoast Emmy Awards for outstanding news coverage.
  • MBA awarded December 2017.
  • Promoted to Executive Producer of Bay News 9’s Your Evening News at 5pm.
  • Led WTOL 11’s newsroom as interim News Director.
  • Created and launched a program to help producers at Bay News 9 continue to hone their writing skills.
  • Credited with training staff members at WTOL 11 to be cell reporters.
  • Led the Fox 59 Morning News team through expansion.
  • Helped launch Fox 59 Midday News.
  • Recognized for outstanding writing, exceptional time management, and impressive organization and communication skills.
  • Complimented on excellent attention to detail, boundless patience, the ability to multi-task, the capability to handle breaking news swiftly and accurately, and the poise to keep a calm demeanor in the face of extreme stress.


Bay News 9                 St. Petersburg, Florida                                  May 2012-Present

Executive Producer

BAY NEWS 9 CAREER HIGHLIGHTS:  Utilized web cameras and Microsoft Communicator to improve communication at Bay News 9.  Innovated a way to continuously display vital information about Amber Alerts, missing people, or dangerous suspects to keep the public informed.  Recognized by the Suncoast chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the Society of Professional Journalists for outstanding continuing coverage of the manhunt for the Boston Bombing suspect.  Started a monthly writing workshop to improve our product.  Trained new producers on the techniques of storytelling and building the newscast in ways that highlight the station’s brand.  Implemented a new procedure for getting user generated content on the air faster for breaking news/weather stories.  Started monthly newsletter to keep staff members and management informed of the operations on the night shift.  Executed coverage of the RNC.  Chosen for Bay News 9’s “Emerging Leaders” and Situational Leadership II training and the Magid Institute Producer Academy.  Chosen to recruit new talent at the NABJ convention in Washington, DC and New Orleans, Louisiana.  Credited with improving the relationship between news and operations.

RESPONSIBILITIES:  Lead a staff of 20 at a 24 hour cable news station in charge of bringing viewers the most up-to-date coverage of seven counties in the Tampa Bay area.  Oversee the early evening daypart on air and online.  Responsible for being the content cop ensuring our story selection and writing live up to our brand; approving reporter packages and all other copy on air and online; deciding when to break news on air, mobile, the web, and social media; supervising control room operations during live events and digitizing; mentoring staff members; monitoring the energy-level from the anchor on the set and the crews in the field; troubleshooting issues with equipment or staff members; performing staff evaluations and offering constant feedback; interviewing potential candidates; and collaborating with other departments and managers.

WTOL CBS 11           Toledo, Ohio                                       September 2009-May 2012

Assistant News Director

CBS CAREER HIGHLIGHTS:  Led the WTOL 11 newsroom as Interim News Director.  Placed in the highly important role of being a show doctor for WTOL 11 Your Morning.  Led team to a win at 4:30am and 5:00am.  Came within a point of the 6am.  Trained staff to be Cell Reporters, providing hyper-local coverage on-air during breaking news or severe weather.  Also trained staff to provide coverage to WTOL 11 Your Community—hyper-local websites.  Helped form the station’s strategic plan.  Chosen for Raycom’s Leadership training.  Credited with starting WTOL 11’s monthly reporter and producer meetings.

RESPONSIBILITIES:  Manage the day-to-day operation of a newsroom that employs more than 60 people.  Instrumental in story selection, mentoring, disciplining, hiring.  Responsible for planning, copy-editing reporter and producer scripts and handling schedules and staffing.  Mentoring staff members and helping them reach their professional and personal goals is a priority.  Charged with providing feedback verbally and through written performance appraisals.  Tasked with working with sales and marketing on shared projects.  Instrumental in sweeps planning and implementation.  Vital in the planning and implementation of special projects, including field producing work.

WXIN FOX 59                       Indianapolis, Indiana                          July 2006-August 2009

News Executive Producer

FOX CAREER HIGHLIGHTS:  My expertise were instrumental in growing the Fox 59 Morning News ratings by ensuring every day that the shows include all the things people ask for in a morning newscast: breaking stories, overnight developments, weather, traffic, and issues that are relevant to the community.  Helped Fox 59 Morning News move from a distant number four in the ratings to a strong number three, actually beating the number two station in a couple of key demographics.  Fox 59 Morning News became profitable again under my watch.  Helped Fox 59 Morning News win a nomination for a regional Emmy in the “Outstanding Morning or Daytime Newscast” category.  Overhauled the morning show, which included adding an additional hour; starting at least 10 new segments; cutting out repetition; helping hire new weather, traffic, and feature reporter talent; and launching a new traffic reporting system.  Aided in the creation and implementation of a brand new graphics package for the entire station and new branding for the station and weather and traffic departments.  Helped launch Fox 59 Midday News.  Started Facebook and Twitter pages that laid the groundwork for the station’s social networking identity.

RESPONSIBILITIES:  To supervise every aspect of a 4 hour morning news program.  To lead a team of more than 30 professionals to put together a product that is informative, entertaining and gives viewers what they need to start their day: overnight news, weather, and traffic.  To decide what stories the live reporters cover.  To copy-edit reporter and writer scripts.  To write anchor packages, schedule guests, answer viewer concerns, and run daily post-show meetings and weekly story planning meetings.  To handle schedules and staffing.  To troubleshoot all problems.  To mentor staff members and help them reach their professional and personal goals.  To provide feedback verbally and through written performance appraisals.  To hire new, talented direct reports.  To recognize when a staff member is not reaching his/her full potential, identify the problem and decide if it can be fixed or if that direct report needs to be let go.

WTVT FOX 13                       Tampa, Florida                                   September 2000-June 2006

News Producer

FOX CAREER TRIUMPHS:  Led a team through some of the most emotionally, physically, and technically difficult shows we’d ever been through: the hour-long tribute newscast I produced that aired just three hours after the September 11th attacks; the devastating 2005 Atlantic hurricane season which included the deadly hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Wilma, and Charley; and the unforgettable 2000 presidential election.  Innovated and implemented new segments for the morning shows.  Pitched a training program that would help producers grow professionally and learn the skills to become executive producers.

RESPONSIBILITIES:  Organized, supervised, and wrote compelling and informative television newscasts that included the appropriate use of graphics and video to support the stories and teases.  Worked with a team in a fast-paced and high stress environment to bring the show from concept to completion.  Oversaw the newscast as it unfolded live.  Proofread reporters’ packages and decided which stories were covered.  Brought story ideas to the table and wrote special news reports for anchors.  Produced and managed content on the Fox 13 website.

WJXT CBS 4                          Jacksonville, Florida                          November 1999 – September 2000

News Producer

CBS CAREER HIGHLIGHTS:  Increased morning crew’s performance by bridging the gap between the news department and the production department through team building activities.  Executed major changes to the newscast.

RESPONSIBILITIES:  Made all major decisions for a 2 ½ hour broadcast television news show.  Trained and supervised associate producers and co-producers.  Handled staffing issues.  Managed the assignment desk, which included deciding how to cover breaking news.

Florida’s News Channel         Tallahassee, Florida                          July 1998 – October 1999

News Producer

FNC CAREER HIGHLIGHTS:  Managed, wrote, edited, and produced special half hour report that aired on stations throughout Florida.  Field produced live reports for breaking news stories.

RESPONSIBILITIES:  Supervised all aspects of production for the newscast–including writing scripts, copy-editing reporter packages, and pre-recording stories for broadcast.

WCJB TV 20                          Gainesville, Florida                           November 1996-July 1998

News Producer

ABC CAREEER HIGHLIGHTS:  Innovated and implemented a new fitness segment for the Noon show. Worked closely with the talent of that segment to shoot, write, and edit the packages for air.

RESPONSIBILITIES:  Came up with ideas for shows and communicated with colleagues who helped execute those ideas. Supervised shows as they unfolded live.


University of Florida                                                            

Gainesville, Florida

Master of Business Administration

Completed: December 9, 2017


University of Florida                                                              

Gainesville, Florida                                                                     

Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications


Tribune Company                                                                   

Long Island, New York

Seminar: Tribune Leadership Academy


Poynter Institute for Journalists

St. Petersburg, Florida

Seminar: Producing TV Newscasts

Seminar: Leadership for New Managers


Raycom Leadership   

Atlanta, Birmingham, Montgomery

Raycom News Directors University

Birmingham, Alabama


Bay News 9

St. Petersburg, Florida

Seminar:  Emerging Leaders Training

Seminar:  2013 MAGID INSTITUTE™ Producer Academy

Seminar:  Situational Leadership II

Seminar:  April 2017 Charter Manager Leadership Development Program


Komen Race for the Cure Team Leader

American Cancer Society Volunteer

Red Cross Volunteer

Indiana Black Expo 360 Guest Speaker

Men in the Making Guest Speaker