The VLOG: Three Words You Need to Hear


Hi friends! It’s Bridget back here with you. I have a very important topic to discuss with you today. In fact, it’s so important, I have written about it three times. Are you listening? These next three words are super important: believe in yourself! The world is a hard place to be at times. If you’re a positive person, you likely believe everyone wants you to succeed. Unfortunately, that’s not true. There will be people who will try to get into your head and convince you that you’re not worthy of so many things. They’ll doubt your abilities and skills, and if you don’t believe in yourself, you just might fall for their nonsense! If you haven’t told yourself this yet … I want you to do something for me … once this video is over, look at yourself in the mirror and say these words: “I believe in myself, and I can achieve anything!” If you don’t believe it at first … don’t stop saying it until you do! That’s your homework! I mean it …. and go!

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