The VLOG: Why It’s Okay to Ask for Help


Hi … it’s Bridget here. Will you help me with something? Will you click on the like or share button please? I’m not afraid to ask you for your help when I need it. But that wasn’t always the case. Years ago, I used to see it as a sign of weakness. Or I thought maybe people would see me as deficient in some way because I couldn’t do it all myself. I also had a case of “I will do it all myself because I know it’ll be done right” syndrome.  There are several flaws in that way of thinking. First it’s not a weakness or an admission of some sort of deficiency to ask for assistance. In fact, it’s a show of strength and good judgment to know when you can really use someone else’s expertise to ensure a project or task is carried out in the best way possible. Second when I was taking on everything because I didn’t want to ask for help, other things I was supposed to be doing would suffer. Finally, I wasn’t helping build trust … my trust in others and theirs in me. Try it. Ask for help and watch the people around you rise to the occasion and your trust in them go through the roof.  Oh and don’t forget I need your help with those likes and shares!

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