Veteran Journalist Launches Exciting Writing Website to Address a Need in the Industry


Tampa, FL, October 28, 2017– Broadcast news writers have an exciting new resource to help them learn and grow.  Long-time journalist Bridget Foster recently launched “The Writer’s Resource” blog.  “I noticed a great need out there – not just in the Tampa Bay area, but across the nation.  I have watched journalists just starting out search relentlessly for someone to teach them.  Even veteran journalists are thirsty for more knowledge.  They desire to fine tune their writing skills, but there aren’t many affordable and easy to access resources out there to help them.  That’s where ‘The Writer’s Resource’ comes in,” Foster said.

Foster is an award-winning executive producer.  She mentors direct reports and interns every day in the art of writing.  She guest lectures and has done several seminars on the topic.  “Going online was the next logical step for me,” said Foster.  She gathered her teaching materials and everything she’s learned over the years and put it all in one place,  “The Writer’s Resource” was born.  Foster said this was years in the making.  “I guess you could say I have been preparing for this my entire career—from the first anchor who tore apart my work to now.  All of those learning moments are now online with ‘The Writer’s Resource.’  You know, a direct report once said to me ‘you love your teachable moments.’  I really do!  It’s funny.  I am talking about teaching people how to have fun with words, but I’m struggling to find the words to explain how I feel when I am coaching others.  It’s like I am learning things for the first time too– through their eyes, and I get excited about what I do for a living all over again.  ‘The Writer’s Resource’ takes my message to a larger audience.  You have to check it out! This is just the beginning.”

If you would like more information about “The Writer’s Resource,” or to book Bridget Foster for a writing seminar, interview, or lecture — please visit


Bridget Foster is a journalist with more than two decades of experience writing, producing, and supervising award-winning, innovative television newscasts, news websites, and social media sites. Foster has deep roots in the Tampa Bay community. For the last five years, she has been Executive Producer at Bay News 9. She has also worked in the Gainesville, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, and Toledo markets. Foster has held positions from news director to radio news anchor. She’s helped launch shows, a station, and successful training programs in various markets. Foster is also a blogger and podcaster, and she is currently writing a book about television news producing.

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