Grammar Gremlins Strike

Just when this grammar geek thought she had fought the good fight with the release of my “Grammar Gremlins article, they’ve struck again.  Imagine this.  I’m scrolling through my LinkedIn feed, and an attorney shared an article about United Airlines agreeing to a settlement with a passenger who security had dragged off of one of the company’s planes.  If you’ve read my article, you know where I’m going with this.  That’s right, fell victim to #4 on my list of the top five grammar gremlins I am seeing in publications across the world.  Here’s an excerpt from my article.


grammar excerpt
Excerpt from my “Grammar Gremlins” article. Click here to read about the four other mistakes I am seeing.


Here is the article the lawyer shared, and I jumped out of my chair waving my phone around like a mad woman.  That’s normal, right?

forbes before

Was that as painful for you as it was for me?  Break out the smelling salts!  English teachers everywhere just fainted.  Never fear, though, a grammar guru out there somewhere discovered the error, whipped out her red pen, and corrected it.  When I searched for the article later, someone had eradicated the grammar gremlin.  Check out this screen grab.

forbes after

(Look closely.  The hyperlink is still incorrect, but we won’t go there.)

The grammar geeks won this round, but I fear the fight is far from over.  This is just a bit of food for thought the next time you sit down to write.

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